Sikh and muslim dating dating for veterans

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Sikh and muslim dating

“The media and police have victimised the Sikh appearance and defamed the Sikh community in the UK,” the group said on Facebook, calling on their supporters to take their kirpan to their local police station and explain its significance to officers.There are more than 420,000 Sikhs in England and Wales, according to 2011 census data, accounting for 0.8 per cent of the population.LONDON: British police arrested 55 people and seized blades at a Sikh temple on Sunday, following a protest against a mixed marriage.Armed officers were deployed to the Gurdwara Temple in Leamington Spa, central England, at around early on Sunday after a group of men entered the building.A fortnight ago Rhadika Shukla, 15, suffered a fractured skull when a Muslim gang rampaged through her school, attacking pupils and staff with hammers and axes and smashing windows.A group called the Youth Muslims Organisation has been seen stirring trouble and gangs have been spotted roaming the streets chanting Osama bin Laden's name since September 11.According to , one protester broadcast a Facebook Live video from among the wedding guests at the gate, where tensions were clearly high.

About 50 Sikh youths went on to the streets to protest at the rising number of assaults by Muslim youths, but were dispersed by police.An emergency steering group has been convened for the communities, the police and the local council.Police said: "Community leaders are doing everything they can." Two men had been arrested and were being questioned about the assault on Mr Sandhu, they added.The ODA Code of Practice is binding on members of the Association.More As an ODA Member we are required to have appropriate and effective arrangements in place for dealing with complaints and enquiries.

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Christians make up the largest religious group, accounting for 59.3 per cent of the population, followed by Muslims (4.8 per cent) and Hindus (1.5 per cent).