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Nowadays, comfort in automotive driving has gone up quite a few levels.

While leather [...]That line-6 engine sounds great, doesn't it?

Similarly, if it hasn’t worked for you then let me know and I will do my best to help.

Four reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch, the first two with video: CAMERA STOLEN: A resident in the Westcrest Park area shares two videos from early Sunday, when someone removed/stole his doorbell/camera combination: So what will the money buy? He tells WSB, “Rehab at these 4 properties” — Centerwood, Delridge Heights, Holden Manor, and Cooper School – “will include site improvements, exterior systems, interior maintenance, and specific to Cooper, abatement of foundation settling.

Put all your members on a special page in your blog...........

Blogger does not have any method for creating pages (at present). In Blogger (Layout Templates) each post is published on a separate page.

If you want to change back to a Facebook place, just add in your address again!

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When lots of companies and individuals create a Facebook page, Facebook will automatically turn it into a ‘Facebook Place’.So login at and click button under blog title on Dashboard. Give a title and put in some message to your blog members.To ensure that the post will not appear on Main Page of blog click the Post Options link in bottom frame of Post Editor.This is useful if your company is a coffee shop or estate agents where you want people to come into your store.Additional options are available within the page admin; these allow you to specify your company location and state additional information, such as parking availability.

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Unfortunately, a place can’t deal with multiple locations.